I’m in your internets, sniffing your packets

July 15, 2009
Rocking Wireshark on my EeePC on the train to Stockholm

Rocking Wireshark on my EeePC on the train to Stockholm


This is how much of a dork I am

August 10, 2007

So we’ve been visiting my girlfriend’s parents for a couple of days and this afternoon we were sitting in the kitchen chatting about this and that. It’s a pretty hot and especially clammy day so I glance at the thermometer by the kitchen window to see how hot it actually is. When doing so I also notice the small text at the bottom of the thermometer’s front and immediately this makes me think “wow, it would be so cool to have one of those”.

The text reads “wireless thermometer”…

Now that’s how big of a geek I am. All it takes is the word “wireless” to make me want something. I clearly need help.

It’s all about the wireless baby

June 12, 2007

The last passage from this article nicely delievers a buzzkiller of truth to Eye-Fi‘s upcoming wi-fi memory cards:

There are currently digital cameras on the market that offer built-in wireless networking, but they haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. Given that you can buy a 2GB memory card for less than US$30, you’ve got to wonder whether consumers will be willing to cough up US$100 just so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of hooking up a USB cable.

Very true, but the sad part is that personally I would easily fork over an additional $70 for some wireless sexiness. You see, I’m a sucker for anything wireless.

Indeed I am. I’ll readily admit that I’m a total sucker for any and all wireless gadgets. It’s like a disease. I just can’t help myself. I just find the “no need for cables”-thing so cool, even if it is hardly a new and revolutionary thing by now. It doesn’tmatter if I really need the gadget in question or not, if it’s wireless it is just that much sexier to me and I want it bad.

I remember fondly back in the eighties when our family got our first TV that came with a remote control. It was the coolest thing ever! Just imagine the joy of not having to get up and walk over to the TV when flipping the channel! Now that’s life changing technology if there ever was any.

Bluetooth, wi-fi, even infrared, I love them all. Sweet wireless technology be mine, now and forever.