Pricing fail at

Look, I’m all for downloading music legally and I’m glad to see more and more purveyors of legal downloads appear on the web, but if there’s only a 1 cent difference in price, what’s the frakkin’ point?

1 cent? Really?

1 cent? Really?


2 Responses to Pricing fail at

  1. Kevin says:


    Just to let you know, that the artists set the price for their music selling on CD Baby. They control the price both for the download and the physical CD, so sometimes they don’t understand how to best merchandise their music. The cool thing is, the artist makes a ton more money from selling through CD Baby than they do from selling through iTunes or any other digital retailer.

    CD Baby

    • Fighter Hayabusa says:

      Thanks for clarifying that Kevin. It was never my intention to come down on CD Baby as a site and service. I was just commenting on something on the site that I found silly.
      So the fail is the band’s fault then, ‘cuz a 1 cent difference is still ridiculous in my opinion 😉

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